Suicide is Painless

When the movie M*A*S*H came out in the theatres back in 1970 it’s soundtrack included a song about the perils of suicide.  It seems one of the characters wanted a suicide ritual because he thought he was homosexual, and he couldn’t live with it.   Of course, being in the middle of the Korean War, with thousands of people giving their lives up in the battlefields all around him, it did not seem to matter that he was desperately needed.  Luckily some hot, sexy female nurse ‘screwed the gay’ out of him later in the movie.    So much for fiction; if only real life problems could be solved so easily.

My son asked about Amanda Todd;  I had no clue who she was.  I’m on computers day and night; I read dozens of news articles from around the world, and the story of a young girl who killed herself from cyber-bullying had gone past my eyes and left me completely ignorant of what really happened to her.  People fall through the cracks when they are ignored, avoided, not listened to, or not respected.   This was all over the Internet and television, and I bet a lot of people gleaned right over her story and didn’t even realize it.  Below is Ana Kasparian’s report on Amanda:

There are, however, underlying issues that until now have not really been given any attention in media, social or other.  To give the reader some perspective, I bought software from Bill Gates when he still had long hair.  I remember when the Internet hit the consumer market and the ‘information superhighway’ began to grow.  Even back twenty years ago, the Internet was, and is, a completely anarchistic world;  everything good about the world was immediately available, and everything evil as well.

As my kids grew up, they grew up without computers, except their old Nintendo.    No e-mail except our account, no chat rooms, no social media, nothing.  We kept them off the Internet for a reason, and that is a huge reason why society continues see on-line bullying after 20 years of blatant and wilful parental neglect by millions around the globe.

Kids are freely allowed to play unsupervised in a war zone, to this day.

Parents around the world give their innocent, naive, young, partially self-realizing yet mindless little automatons we call children free rein to do anything they want anywhere they want to do it, because the adults in the equation have never stopped to consider that the Internet is not a magical realm for the delight of children everywhere;  it is a dark and cruel world just like the real thing.

Many parents are just generally naive of the Internet, or just fooling themselves; either way they do a disservice to their offspring.  I don’t know what Amanda’s parents were thinking, but 12 year olds should be baking muffins with mom, not stripping for strangers. Here is Amanda’s suicide video, recorded at her parent’s home:

The tragic story of this girl began with technology itself;  technology that no twelve year old should have been using without supervision.  As soon as photos of her naked breasts were broadcast to the world, her journey towards a sinister end began.  I can’t advocate computer supervision enough to the parents I meet in my profession every day;  this is the reason why.  As a parent it’s heartbreaking; but it’s something we as a society could have helped avoid.  I hope to never hear about another Amanda Todd, again.  Wishful thinking.

Society needs an upgrade.


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