2-9-6 Is a Flying Corps; What In The Hell Are We Walking For?

The Air Cadets rock; kids learn to operate aviation equipment free of charge. I flew real gliders before I had my first car.  I got to eat real U.S. Army chow once while visiting a base south of the border, I was a teenage eating machine.   I also learned to march really well, for miles and miles and miles. That’s an organization the Canadian Armed Forces should always support, as many view it and it’s counterparts as vital to promote the purpose of the military to the upcoming taxpayers of society; our youth.

I was a typical 1980’s long haired headbanger who showed up and they said ‘come on in;’  good people.  You can rest assured that the thousands of aviation enthusiasts that passed through the doors of their local Canadian Armoury joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for more then just love of planes; the sense of patriotism can get instilled at an early age in the right environment and mine was no exception from that.

Asking advice from the experts in any situation is the earmark of successful accomplishment in many given predicaments.  I wonder if anyone asked the pilots of our Armed Forces if they approve the F-35?  If they answer ‘yes’ then that’s high praise for the selection process that Canada’s defence system underwent to purchase new jet fighters for the military; otherwise it says a lot about how our governance regards those who risk their lives in defence of our great nation.

I’m not an expert on planes by any means but from what is being revealed through Wikileaks and other organizations, we can understand the selection process generations of  elected officials took to choose our country’s next line of national air defense, and I’m betting ‘no’ may have been heard more often then not.

The Military needs an upgrade.

CBC News: Exclusive new revelations about the troubled F-35 program

REUTERS – Pentagon tells Lockheed to shape up on F-35 fighter

WIKILEAKS : F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program: Background, Status, and Issues


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