The Occupiers Cometh

An Occupier running for Mayor?

Who would possibly vote for some pot-smoking techno-hippie who lives on baked potatoes, yells ‘mike check’ in the middle of public parks and smells like pepper spray?

That stigma permeates within most popular media outlets today regarding the Occupy Movement; the portrayal of the individual demonstrator as merely a fringe activist.

Television and radio during the Vietnam War is another good example of where government swayed popular opinion by controlling what was broadcast, in much the same way Germany did in the war before that.  People of the day were portrayed in much the same way as those caught up in the Occupy Movement; the students of Kent State were all a bunch of acid-tripping hippie freaks, too.

Well, maybe some were; of course that would have been before they got cut down by gun-toting retards.

How could an Occupier possibly be expected to oversee a billion-dollar enterprise like a city, or a corporation?  Well, in many instances they already are. The Occupy Movement had no specific demographic when it came to the individuals who chose to participate in 2011’s global demonstration on human rights and social services.  Every walk of life was represented by someone, somewhere.  One thing is for certain, more people then ever are taking notice of changes in the world.

The societal system we currently use was designed to work with Neanderthal technology in processing information; remember there were no computers before Bill Gates was born.  I can faintly hear the Apple crowd getting ready to lynch me as I write this.  The last Apple I ever used was a ][, but we’ll get to that another time.  Governance is a system; with rules and procedures and operations.   It’s mission statement to serve the people will be as effective as it’s structure allows, which may be why the world economy nearly collapsed a couple of years ago.


Only the radical anarchist believes that the entire framework of government, commerce, and law have to be upended.  One thing I know about entrenched systems is that you’ll  never remove them in one fell swoop, you optimize and enhance existing systems in proper bite-size chunks.

When something is not working in my world you identify and diagnose it, correct it, enhance it, and redeploy.  What you don’t do is hire more people to handle complaints.

Society now has the ability to identify all the issues facing humanity from within a little plastic box that fits in one’s hand.  It will take the efforts of all to make decisions on all of the chores we as a species need to deal with; the tools of modern technology make achieving it a plausible reality.

The System needs an upgrade.


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