Today Is A Good Day To Die

Our mom was the quintessential Star Trek fan;  not just for the outlandish costumes and the  crazy antics of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew, but because of the underlying values that the Star Trek universe instills in it’s fans, “Trekkers,” as we like to call ourselves.

Star Trek is much more then just a science fiction phenomena;  the various television shows and movies invoke feelings that the world will indeed be a better place tomorrow, a journey for humanity where anything is possible.

Star Trek creates a sense where there is a bright future to look forward to;  a world that evolves our very existence as the supreme beings of the universe.  A future where poverty, hunger and disease are gone; where equality and the pursuit to better the human condition is the ultimate achievement of our lives.  Fans of Star Trek strive to believe this world will someday exist; a true optimistic perspective of what  the human race, through the trials and tribulations we now experience, will ultimately conceive.


One of her favorite ‘races’ conceived in the Star Trek Universe is the Klingons;  a warrior race who believe that honour, duty, loyalty, and sacrifice were the keys to an eternity of happiness and fulfillment beyond the realm of existence that we dwell in.   Ironically,that sounds like the pretenses of many modern religious cultures;  that would be due to the fact that Klingon spirituality was derived from many references from our modern world’s own spiritual beliefs, and understandings.

In real life, she displayed those same virtues inherent to this race of aliens to those in her own life, as well as living her life being a pillar of morality, compassion, wisdom, and fairness to all she knew.

In the Klingon world, when death comes upon a warrior, one does not mourn the loss of a loved one; instead we celebrate the release of their spirit, to a greater plane of existence that exists beyond the physical world we perceive in this life.

Our mom died this afternoon; after years of surviving several heart attacks, strokes, removal of a lung through cancer, not to mention a myriad of broken bones in the process, her heart kept pounding away for nearly twenty minutes even after she was removed from her respirator, they only thing keeping her body functioning to the very end.

Luckily, with the modern technology that was able to reconstruct her time and again, she was able to sleep off her final moments in this world in pain-free comfort and peace.

Today was a warm and sunny spring day here in Canada, and I like to think that she finally decided that today was a good day to die. Besides being an upstanding human being all her life, she was a true Klingon in every sense of the word.    I think she has earned a place of honour in Sto-Vo-Kor for the life she chose to lead in our world.

Live Long, and Prosper.


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