Today Is A Good Day To Die

Our mom was the quintessential Star Trek fan;  not just for the outlandish costumes and the  crazy antics of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew, but because of the underlying values that the Star Trek universe instills in it's fans, "Trekkers," as we like to call ourselves. Star Trek is much more then just a science fiction … Continue reading Today Is A Good Day To Die


Cambridge Potholes fixed with Google Maps

CAMBRIDGE CANADA - June 24, 2019 (AP) - Today, Google 's Kitchener development campus was the scene for an unveiling of it's most recent collaborative project with the City of Cambridge; a system designed to provide Cambridge's Public Works department with the ability to predict the workload, and better manage the scheduling of the city's … Continue reading Cambridge Potholes fixed with Google Maps

The LRT Could Have Been Thought Out Better

During the 2010 Municipal Election, a concerned citizens' group invited all candidates from all municipalities the opportunity to present their opinions on the upcoming multi-billion dollar Light Rail Transit (LRT) initiative. All candidates with few exceptions offered their opinion as to whether the LRT system would be cost-effective, practical, and gave their personal recommendations as to how the LRT should be … Continue reading The LRT Could Have Been Thought Out Better

The Occupiers Cometh

An Occupier running for Mayor? Who would possibly vote for some pot-smoking techno-hippie who lives on baked potatoes, yells 'mike check' in the middle of public parks and smells like pepper spray? That stigma permeates within most popular media outlets today regarding the Occupy Movement; the portrayal of the individual demonstrator as merely a fringe activist. … Continue reading The Occupiers Cometh