Cambridge Potholes fixed with Google Maps

CAMBRIDGE CANADA - June 24, 2019 (AP) - Today, Google 's Kitchener development campus was the scene for an unveiling of it's most recent collaborative project with the City of Cambridge; a system designed to provide Cambridge's Public Works department with the ability to predict the workload, and better manage the scheduling of the city's … Continue reading Cambridge Potholes fixed with Google Maps


Call the Kettle Black

Recently, one of our city councillors was involved in an automobile accident in which alcohol played a role.  Police seized the person's car and driving rights, placed a charge of impaired driving against them, then let the public loose. Over here in Canada, you are presumed to be innocent until the evidence is presented, and … Continue reading Call the Kettle Black

Swimming With The Fishes

When I first opened my shop back near the turn of the century, I built a nifty computer for a local kid, and delivered it to his house for installation.   I had to fit it into this lad's room along with a venerable cornucopia of exotic aquatic marine life, housed in massive salt water tanks. … Continue reading Swimming With The Fishes